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Hi, I welcome you to my blog about programming and “Computer Science” in general. The quotation marks are deliberate as I don’t intend to write about hard facts, scientific papers, or mathematical proofs but rather my personal thoughts and views on certain subjects. At least at the moment.

Why write a blog, though? I believe everyone has their own reasons. In my case, there are 3 and only together I finally felt motivated enough.

First, organizing my thoughts. I think of myself a little as an introvert. Expressing my inner thoughts and feelings requires a great deal of effort from me. Unfortunately, the same applies to arguments, discussions, or disputes. I might have a sound argument – or at least I believe so – but I’m often unable to present it. I think it is a problem of converting intangible thoughts into coherent words. Writing blog posts would work as both a pre-work and an exercise to better improve myself.

Second, easy “transfer” of my thoughts. Imagine a situation when doing a code review you want to justify your opinion or suggestion, but fully explaining it would take too long and too much effort. In the end, you either forgo it entirely or leave some superficial comment. How much easier would it be if only you could post a link to a well-thought post that fully explains where you are coming from…

Third, an opportunity to receive feedback. I could write here about my life and work experiences and how I believe they forged my oh so non-average power of comprehension – and in fact, I did… However, in all my self-conceit I always stay true to one thing: I welcome being proven wrong. Apart from my pride being a little hurt, it is actually a happy moment. I can correct my thinking, way of doing things, or a mistake I made. This is growth. That being said, one does not simply prove me wrong. 🙂

While writing this post, I noticed that the process in which paragraph after paragraph emerges from the chaos of my mind, the care about word choice, and finally noticing that I grow with every word – it is joyful.

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